California Science Center

On the 11th February our dive club visited the Californian Science Museum in down town LA, and afterwards we also went to the Natural History museum, it was a cool day out with family and friends very interesting


The Apollo space shuttle was amazing and Abbey really enjoyed the exhibits too.

This was amazing to watch as a huge wall screen changed the views~ Here Abbey and I check out the Polar Bears as they close in on us!


Abbey loved watching the Black sea bass in the Aquarium


We learn t a lot about Kelp and the Californian fishes I think Abbey is going to make a wonderful scuba diver in a few more years!!

The Californian Science Museum is truly amazing and hands on even for adults! The perfect place to spend a fun day and actually learn about our wonderful World.


Here Abbey and I discover how cold ice is and the warmth of our hands we can melt the ice a little and leave our prints!


Abbey is in front of the Aquarium with Grandpa AL and Aunt Montana

Before we left the Science Museum Abbey and I went into a hurricane shuttle which simulated a hurricane wind my glasses and hat blew off at 70 mph wind!! It was definitly a fun experience but having lived through hurricanes in Puerto Rico I knew it did not do the hurricane wind justice...

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