My Story


After a 10 year battle with Anorexia Nervosa which wasted me away to 58 pounds in 1990, I turned my life around and went from being a professional pastry chef to travelling the world and doing my first triathlon in 1993 in Puerto Rico. It would lead to finishing more than 450 plus multi sport events, including dozens of single, double and triple ironman distance length races, topping out with the 7.2 mile swim, 336 mile bike and 78 mile run of Defi de L’Endurance in Fontanil France. At 50 I do not plan on slowing down and continues to tackle such challenges as the 7 day stage race “The Coastal Challenge” in Costa Rica, The Californian Triple Crown Challenge (200 mile bike rides) My streak of 15 starts toeing the line at Ultraman Hawaii the 320 mile multi sport circumnavigation of the Big Island over Thanksgiving has finally come to an end in 2013 as I take a year off to write a book and do some ultra running. I am by no means a super rich athlete but I do love the sport very much and as I get older I find myself looking for different challenges and sharing my knowledge with new athletes.