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For sometime, I have been going to TRI EVENTS at Bonelli Park. it is the oldest Triathlon series in the World and I love to give back to the Sport of triathlon as well as be able to compete. SO the first event was on April 13th, I had had a horrible week as I had been on anti biotics but I still wanted to put up a POLAR USA Booth and Hammer Nutrition information as well as represent Ocean Potion Sun Care. Mean While Al had been suffering from Asthma and Allergies so we really made a fine team! We decided to do the Sprint team relay which featured a 300 meter swim, a 7 mile bike and 5 km run.

The swim was like swimming in a hurricane I was swam over kicked etc but then again welcome to the swim! Al did well on the bike despite his limited breathing power. Then I was able to finish off the morning with the run which did not feel too bad. 

Then I spent most of the next few hours answering questions on Polar Heart Rate training, Hammer Nutrition fueling questions and giving out Ocean Potion Suncare so was pretty cool when Al and I were called up at being the first Sprint team! Of course my four legged training partner Hammer was given a nice medal too.

Hammer my min pin got to meet a very special triathlete..Michellie Jones a World Champion an Olympian and a Min Pin lover!
Bringing it home…..both feet off the ground!
Was an added bonus to be on the podium…
AL and I all smiles before I swim..