Racing Experience

My resume includes a No 1 ranking by the International Ultra Triathlon Association, Gold Medal in Double iron Distance racing, 2 bronze world titles in Triple Iron Racing, Puerto Rican National Triathlon Champion in 1999 as well as being named Hawaiian Tropic International athlete of the year in 2006. Also 5 age group awards at the World Ultraman Championships in Hawaii, 3rd place in Lanzarote off road marathon to highlight just a few.

I have appeared on the Billboards in Puerto Rico for Hawaiian Tropic the photo being taken at a triathlon on the famous Moscoso Bridge in 2003, where I became the first female to win the 10km worlds fastest race and triathlon on the Moscoso Bridge in the same day!(combined times to be the fastest!)

I am  a brand specialist  for Hammer Nutrition.

I am also an ID Brooks Running Athlete/ Coach. (Inspire Daily Coach)

I am an ambassador for Rudy Project USA.

I am an ambassador for Polar heart rate Monitors USA.

I am a Zoggs Ambassador love their swim goggles.

Head High School swim coach for the Covina COLTS swim team 17/2018 season.

I have experience as a  motivational speaker and have spoken at many different Tri clubs, cycling groups, swimming groups, visiting schools, speaking to Cross Country teams, Girl scouts & Boy Scouts and even church meetings.

Since November 2005 I have represented AVON of PUERTO RICO and their quest for the CRUSADE AGAINST BREAST CANCER. I have raised through swimming, cycling and running a total of $93,210 by October 1st 2011.

In 2007 I married for the first time my soul mate AL Wiscovitch and continued to compete in Southern California Triathlons, multi sport events and Scuba Diving!

I am blessed with having good sponsors who help me with my sport they include Brooks USA running shoes and gear, Cannondale bikes, Fuelbelt,Hammer Nutrition, Kool n Fit,Polar Heart Rate Monitors, Profile Design, Aquaman Wetsuits, Rudy Project Helmet and Glasses, Serfas Tires and products, Tri all 3 sport cases, Ocean Potion suncare &WIlliams Wheels, As well as being a part of Competetive Tri-Swim Masters (CTSM). I also started endorsing Tri Swim products considering the amount of time spent in Chlorinated water!! & Zogg Goggles.

My husband is my biggest sponsor!(wink,wink)

Racing Highlights

Here are a few of my favorite races I have done.


• Pan American Triathlon St Thomas

• Humaco Bike Race Puerto Rico: 52km 1st Female.


• El Gran Trialo Joyuda Puerto Rico 1st Female

• Vineman Ironman Santa Rosa California

• Pirates Week 1st International Triathlon Cayman Is.

I had a nasty accident in January 1994 and a cast on my left leg but did not stop me from competing in my first ironman distance race in Northern California, I was totally unprepared and had to borrow a wet suit! For the Russian River swim.


• Weetbix Ironman New Zealand

• St Croix Triathlon

• Marathon Sultan Puerto Rico (was first woman ever invited to do this race)

• Great Floridian Triathlon Ironman distance

This is in 1995 in Florida, I met the MAD Dog Tri Club and my 3rd Ironman distance race.


• Aruba Int Triathlon

• ITU Worlds Long Distance Tri. Muncie Indiana

• Puerto Rico National Championships


• Half Ironman Martinique:  1st woman

• Nice ITU World Championships long course France

• Defi de L’ Mondial de l’endurance TRIPLE IRONMAN 3rd place female


• Lake Tahoe Marathon

• Ultraman Hawaii 3rd female


• Puerto Rican National Triathlon Champion

• Ultraman Hawaii 2nd female!


• Sabana Grande 4 day bike stage race Puerto Rico 1st female

• Vieques Triathlon Puerto Rico

• Double Iron distance Levis Quebec Canada

• Cancun Mexico Triathlon

• Ultraman Hawaii


• Double Iron distance Ibarra Ecuador

• Double Iron distance LEVIS Quebec, Canada

• Ultraman Hawaii


• Double Iron Ibarra Ecuador

• Double Iron Levis, Quebec Canada

• Woman’s Triathlon in my honor, Rincon Puerto Rico

• Double Iron Virginia USA

• Puerto Rican Dualo Championships1st Female

• Ultraman Hawaii

Don Mann Double iron Virginia 2002


• IRON CUP First female to have best time for

• Triathlon Moscoso & Worlds Fastest 10km Puerto Rico

• El Gran Trialo Joyuda1stPlace Puerto Rico

• St Croix half ironman

• Double Iron race Austria 3rd Female

• Championships of the Americas Double Iron Levis QuebecGOLD!

• Survival of the Shawangunks Up State New York

• Ultraman Hawaii …number 6!!!

• 3rd place Outriggers relay team Hawaii

Here I am with Raffa in our first team competition and we took 3rd!!
Survival of the Shawangunks an interesting bike, run swim run swim run swim run swim run format!!Up-State New York!


• Ecuador Double Iron Ibarra

•Beach to Beach swim St John

• Canada Double Iron

• Ultraman Hawaii


• Costa Rica Coast to Coast Expedition (off road running)

• Duathlon Costa TeguiseLanzarote2nd Female

• Ironman Lanzarote4th female 40 to 44

• 3 stage off road marathon Lanzarote 2nd Female

• Double iron Levis Quebec Canada

• Ultraman Hawaii   representing AVON Breast Cancer Crusade


• Marathon Trinidad2nd place female master

• Death Valley California Marathon

• St Croix Half Iron

• Pacific Crest 50 mile run

• Triple Iron world Championships Austria

• Virginia DoubleIron USA

• Ultraman Hawaii



• Carlsbad Marathon USA

• Double century Butterfield USA

• LA Marathon USA

• El Gran Trialo Puerto Rico

• Wildflower 70.3 triathlon USA

• Double century Grand Tour Ride Malibu USA

• Mt Disappointment 32 mile run USA

• Long Beach Marathon

• Solvang Double century ride

• Big Kahuna 70.3 triathlon USA

• Ultraman Hawaii


• Malibu Brevet USA

• Surf City Marathon

• Butterfield double century

• Hemet Double century

• Moscoso Duathlon Puerto rico

• Orange County Duathlon USA

• Mulholland Century ride

• Eastern Sierra double century

• Blazeman USA

• Highline Hammer Montana

• Long Beach marathon

• Ultraman Hawaii


  • Calico Ghost town 32 mile trail run 1st place 45-49 USA
  •  Camino Reale double century USA
  • Wildflower 70.3 USA
  •  Davis Double USA
  •  LA Marathon (qualified for Boston)
  •  Grand Tour 200 miles bike USA
  • Highline Hammer Montana
  • Amtrac 101 bike event CA
  • Ultraman Hawaii no. 12


  • Calico Ghost town 32 mile trail run 1st place 45-49 USA
  •  Camino Reale double century USA
  • Wildflower 70.3 USA
  •  Davis Double USA
  •  LA Marathon (qualified for Boston)
  •  Grand Tour 200 miles bike USA
  • Highline Hammer Montana
  • Amtrac 101 bike event CA
  • Ultraman Hawaii no. 12


  • Due to severe dental issues I have decided to take a few months to complete my treatment and maintain fitness with running and yoga, and cycling , swimming when I can. Hopefully my wish list will come true with todays economy I will be happy with just a few races …
  • Rosebowl half marathon February. 
  • 26.2 mile run Dirty Feet
  • 50 mile Rocky Road trail run
  • Assistant RD for San Dimas Stage Race
  • Ragnar Relay Huntington Beach to Coronado Island
  • Bonelli Tri in Relay with Hammer the mini pin took 1st place!
  • 50 mile Leona Divide Run finished in 10 hrs 55 mins!!
  • 100 mile Amgen Tour day 7took first in KOM challenge to Mount Baldy!
  • Bonelli Tri series 2 (second place in division)
  • Pasadena Marathon sub 4!
  • Bonelli Tri Olympic Distance (third place in division 2:46)
  • Grand Tour 200 miles
  • July 4th Century challenge
  • Highline Hammer Montana
  • Endure the Bear 50km run
  • LA Triathlon
  • double century beach ride.
  • Ragnar relay Vegas
  • Tour of the Foothills 
  • Ultraman Hawaii (number 14)


  • January 1st NewDays ride with Inland Infernos 56 mile bike.
  • Local 5km run Be Perfect foundation (Hammer and I take 1st place)
  • Avalon 50 mile race cancelled volunteered at aid station
  • 1 hour postal swim meet Covina high school
  •  Pasadena half marathon Rock n Roll
  • Ray Miller 50km trail run
  • SAG rider for pre ride of Etape de California mount Baldy
  • Solvang Double Century 200 mile bike ride.
  • Hollywood 10km run
  • Bonelli Tri April 15th
  • L Etape de Californian 100 miles, mount Baldy Ski lifts
  • Bonelli Tri event no.2 May 14th
  • 27 mile Angeles Crest Training run (damage a tendon in left ankle)
  • 50 km Nanny Goat Run Riverside CA
  • Batman Century with Covina cycle club
  • LA Bonelli Tri series number 3
  • Mount Disappointment 33 mile run.
  • Plain Wrap 60 mile charity ride
  • Marlenes Birthday 85 mile bike ride
  • Xterra 13.1 mile trail run
  • Big Bear 30km trail run.
  • Ride Ambassador Tour of the Foothills prelude.
  • Long Beach Marathon
  • Steamboat Sprint triathlon
  • Ultraman Hawaii number 15
  • Holiday half marathon Fairplex CA


  • Avalon 50 mile benefit run
  • Rock n Roll Marathon Pasadena
  • 50M Run Beyond Limits CA 1st place female!
  • Xterra Bonelli
  • Bonelli Tri series (number 1 April)
  • Zion 100km Trail Run Utah.
  • WIldflower Half Iron race
  • Bonelli Tri series (number 2 May)
  • Heartbreak 100 bike.
  • Nanny Goat 12hrs/50 miles Run Riverside CA
  • Bonelli Tri Series (number 3 June)
  • Billy Goat 13.1 Corona CA
  • Harding Hustle 50km Corona CA
  • Endure the Bear 30km (1st in age group!)
  • Steam Boat Tri team with AL
  • Long Beach Marathon
  • Rock n Roll half Marathon LA
  • 30km Ridgecrest Ultra (1st in age group)
  • Holiday Half Marathon Fairplex CA


  • LA New Years Eve Run
  • Be Perfect 5km run for Anorexia Nervosa 2nd in age group.
  • Tinkerbell half marathon Disney Land
  • Palm Springs 100 mile bike event
  • New Balance 13.1 mile run Palm Springs 2nd in age group.
  • LA Marathon 9th in age group 3 hrs 35 minutes 45-49
  • 200 mile bike ride Joshua Tree double century
  • 50km Old Goat Trail race 2nd Female 45-49
  • Santa Anita 5km ran with my husband had a blast
  • Bonelli Tri Team with AL
  • Bonelli Tri May with Al
  • Plain Wrap Ride Claremont CA
  • 200 mile bike ride Grand Tour
  • Double Anvil plus, Oregon. 1st Place Female
  • 5km US Masters Swim Pool challenge
  • Long Beach marathon
  • Canyon Revel Marathon (2nd place 50 plus)
  • Holiday Half and 5km (1st place 50 plus)

despite having to have my vein in my left leg removed Long Beach and Revel Marathons were enjoyable!


The beginning of Jan and Feb I sustained a back injury hoping to be back to racing in March 2015 but have been Coaching HS Swimmers!