I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, support, wisdom and hospitality today. You encouraged me to surpass my goals and limits and I never could have done what I did today without you! Sorry for any whining but I must tell you I had so much fun.”



Thank you for your patience, warmth and understanding, we had a great time today. Thank you for your help.”


“First off I really want to thank you for all you advice especially the following: use a ball to stretch the wetsuit, nutrition [3 hour bottle], focus on staying hydrated [hammer products], use what works, stay relaxed, and most importantly HAVE FUN.
I completed the Oceanside ironman in 7:75:28. Not bad for a former fat guy with no athletic ability. 
Again thank you and Al very much for your help – you were part of making a life long dream come true.”
            -Alberto Martinez-Granillo

I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday…….You were quite an inspiration to my three daughters and me. I so appreciate your invitation for Kimee to run with you. Haylee is amazed that you will do a sprint with her. You definitely have the gift of encouragement!
I need to write out a plan for April…..I would like to beat my first time of 2:46:11
Please tell Al that we are thankful for the good information he shared with us…
Haylee left for school with the black T-shirt on you gave us….
Thanks again… I hope to see you soon..”


Thank you (and Al) for your hard work leading up to and during the Tri clinic yesterday. It really makes a difference for us nubies.”


Bruce Cook

“Dear Suzy,
A friend of mine had the pleasure of meeting you and shared your story with us. I am totally amazed by your accomplishments! I have shared with my family & friends your story/stories and everyone’s reaction is the same, but I am sure you hear this all of the time.
I have a big challenge in learning swimming techniques and getting my mileage (both in running and bicycling). I just wanted to say that you are truly an inspiration.”



Thank you for your kind words! It means so much to me! I have to tell you, I really wanted to stop when my knee failed, but you were my inspiration. I was thinking about your stories and all the races you had done and you always finished, broken bones and all! (The time you fell asleep doesn’t count!)”

Thank You Suzy!


“The meeting tonight was awesome! Suzy is amazing, inspiring and kinda scary:) Glad i was there.”


“Suzy did a great job, and her story is very motivational. And, with all the things she has been through, it definitely draws the line between pain and discomfort. We should be grateful for our minor discomforts.”
Great job Suzy!!!


“Hi, Ultra Suzy.
I just wanted to say thank you for coming out yesterday. The feedback I’ve heard was that you were very awe inspiring. I can certainly understand, considering everything you’ve accomplished.I really wanted to be there but, unfortunately, something came-up that prevented me from attending. Thank you again for being such an insipiration and a model for how to approach the demands of the sport and the challenges of life.”
Best Regards,

“Suzy had a wonderful slide show of all her races and shared about her successes and her challenges. Very Inspiring!!! What an amazing athlete! But as I get to know her better I am finding out that she and her husband are even better people…
Very inspiring!!! What an amazing athlete! When I asked for volunteers for our Xterra Snow Valley on August 1st. She was the first person to volunteer her support at the race. With her busy training schedule, she selflessly is offering her time and talent to help others in our sport. The more I see and study people who are successful…the more I see the reason behind their success. They are “giving” people.They love what they do and they want to help and see others succeed. It humbles me as I see this from many of you as well….Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to help at XSV. For those of you who are still considering or checking schedules….I believe It will be a fantastic way to give back to the sport we all enjoy and support a Club that tries to provide you support in your Triathalon needs. Great job Don Ball for confirming Suzy and the upcoming speakers to our Club meetings… They provide tremendous VALUE in our membership… “

“Suzy Degazon, a world class triathlete came to visit my students today. I found myself drawn to her energy and was amazed by her story. She didn’t even start competing until she was 30 and previously suffered from anorexia. She is now 42 years old, a world class athlete and will placed in the Guinness Book of World Record next year.

I asked her what changed her into a world class athlete. She said simply, I stopped living for everyone else, and just did it.

I came home opened my email, and here was your newsletter. Wow, you would have to be blind not to see the signs. Steve, thank you for sharing your experience’s with the world”


“AFTER reading of Suzy Degazon’s amazing recovery from anorexia (Daily Mirror, May 3) I am hopeful that there is a future for me.

I am still in the clutches of anorexia and have been for almost 14 years – more than half my life.

But the before and after pictures of Suzy are proof that the seemingly impossible can be overcome;

My future begins today and I’d like to thank Suzy for helping me realize that – before it was too late for me to start living.

I’ve pasted your article on my fridge for inspiration and encouragement.”

Miss A J Lofts

“Hi Suzy! I get to watch a true blue survivor and happy spirit recover and redo her life after a nearly killer disease of the mind, body and spirit. CONGRATULATIONS – I am looking forwarding to learning from you (I’m great at learning from others) and hope to accomplish half as much.) Your spirit alone is invigorating at the very least!”

Debbie Reek

“I enjoyed Suzy’s presentation on the importance of nutrition and heart monitoring training. Nice goodie bags, swag, and prizes.”

Janet Kelsey Berg

“The main event, guest speaker riveted our attention for an hour! Suzy Degazon shared her amazing story!
-survived anorexia nervosa
-competed in over 450 multi-sport
Events and won over 70 races
-travelled the world in over 40
-Professional pastry chef
-high level scuba instructor
-9th woman in 10 years to ever
finish a triple ironman race
-only woman to do 15 ultraman
world championship, with 5 first
place age groupfinishes
-1999 Puerto Rican National
Triathalon Champion

Several door prizes from Hammer products were raffled.
Polar heart devices and Hammer products were displayed.”

Thank You

Demi Hechanova (President SC VELO)