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How time flies, seems like last week I was just celebrating Christmas and already it is February! So looking back on January although it flew by quickly I did have a few lows.

My right knee/right tibia decided to spoil my fun as a runner and a cyclist! So a visit to the ART (Active Release Therapist) was in order and with in 3 sessions the pain had finally gone but then I sprained my lower back and find myself the first week of February yet again at the ART. 

BUT January was a great month despite the little set backs I had an awesome trip on the Spectre Dive Boat and dived almost every weekend. I started work as a High School Assistant swim coach and will also do dry land training with the kids twice a week. Although no competitions finally back on the bike and have done a few little runs and discovered a few new trails.

Evening out personal and training stress and know 2015 will be a great year as a Coach, as a Mentor as an Athlete.