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Wow time flies and it is already April. I have been pretty busy and have posted quite a few race reports on my blogger page. 2014 is shaping up to be a stellar year. I had to cancel a race I was very much looking forward to in Brazil, I just was unable to get the needed travel permits in time, with disappointment new doors open. I signed up for the new Double Iron race in Oregon in mid July and may do the Triple Iron in October in Virginia. I will pepper my schedule with 200 mile bike rides, 50km and 50 mile trail runs and a few smaller triathlons. Also in the works is a much over due trip to England to see family and friends. 

Life throws curve balls and we have to return them best we can!

I continue to do motivational talks for different clubs and can be seen at a few different venues with Hammer Nutrition, Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Ocean Potion Sun Care as well as helping with healthy living booths at certain events. 

Scuba Diving is also high on the list and will be teaching many different classes in a few weeks. And will be diving on the Magician Boat in May to celebrate Chamber Day on Catalina Island.

I am healthy and happy I will turn 50 on April 18th a new age group to look forward too.

Going to go running with Hammer my running min pin have a great month.