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Wow were did my year go! the past 5 months have been a crazy deal, I have been busy scuba diving and doing motivational speaking as well as running, cycling and swimming/

In July I travelled to Oregon and completed the Anvil Plus, what a trip that was, 4.8 miles of swimming in a beautiful lake, 224 miles of a brutal 10 mile loop and wrapped up with a 26.2 mile run which I took home 1st place….

When I returned home from Oregon a week later a youth walked up my driveway and stole my prize possession from my garage while I was at home…my Cannondale Synapse with new Williams Wheels. To say I was devastated would be a definate under statement…

5 weeks later I had Venous Ablation on my left leg….

2 weeks after that I am allowed to jog!

My friends and facebook peeps and family have been great through this tough time and I will have a new bike next week!

Here I am at the 200 miler called the Grand Tour with my beloved racing bike…..