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Not sure quite what I was thinking but on October 12th after 4 weeks and 3 days of revcovering from Vein Ablation surgery I found myself on the line for the 30th Anniversary of the Long Beach Marathon. Always a favorite of mine and my 7th time running it I always help Kool n Fit with the expo in Long Beach I run the marathon and help again with spraying runners after the event.


Arrived 5 mins before the gun went off, I was not too nervous as I had no expectations I was out there to jog the marathon and see where my fitness was and if my left leg would hold up after having my Saph vein removed 31 days prior!!

So with no training in my legs for the last 8 weeks the gun went off and I ran easy I tuned in to other runners talking I chuckled as I heard the same stories, oh I want to qualify for Boston, I have not been training, I have been sick, etc etc, I was feeling quite good actually up until mile 15 when my whole body decided it was time to stop running! I guess lack of conditioning will do that so I listened to my body and walked about 3 miles, and then jogged walked to the finish line a respectable 3 hrs and 54 mins slow but super happy I had finished.

During the race I had fueled with Hammer Nutrition using gels and endurolytes on the course while walking I had eaten a banana I really felt fine and the best news was my left leg after the finish was not swollen or bruised and did not ache! I will take that as a good sign!!


If I had the chance to do the event again I probably would have just done the 13.1 mile version, but oh well that is the way the cookie crumbled and I am super duper happy I finished standing up and not in an ambulance!