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So its been hectic and life gives lemons you make lemonade… Challenges seem to be the norm they are what make us grow into stronger human beings or they can pull us down. To remain up beat amist chaos and confusion can be at best difficult. I became a HS coach this past season and every day has seemed like a learning curve… But every day I pulled up my big girls breaches and went with renewed commitment I scraped my knees but a band aid on and learnt… Just as I would on a training plan to become a faster runner or to teach Scuba diving life is full of learning moments. Over the next few weeks I will be up dating my web site with some of the crazy adventures I have taken this past year or so… meeting exceptional people who have changed the way I look at things and also opened my eyes to new ventures.

Really life is just as my husband always says… if you are not living on the edge you are taking up toomuch space! Stay tuned and join me for the crazy ride I call life.